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We are a Consultation and Marketing Communications Consultancy. We deliver practical advice and support to organisations that needs to get their message across to their key audiences.


If you need to run a robust consultation programme with your key audiences. We can help.

If you need to connect to and build relationships with your key stakeholders. We can help.

You may want to improve the way you present your company, products and services to potential customers. We can help.


We understand how to communicate and build relationships.


Based in west Wales, we are part of Antur Teifi, a Social enterprise that helps businesses develop and grow. Being part of an organisation focused on business improvement puts us in the right environment to ensure that our solutions are designed to achieve results that are central to your business objectives.

We love working with people, businesses and organisations that are going places. We’d love to talk to you about our services and how they could benefit your business.


Some of our core services:


  • Stakeholder Audit & Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Consultation Dialogue
  • Industry Awards Schemes
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys & Questionnaires
  • Events / Road shows
  • Individual Interviews
  • Public Meeting
  • Citizens Jury

Marketing Communications

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Message Generation
  • Audience Identification
  • Marketing Literature
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Case Study Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Online Communications