Client: Telemat IT

Telemat is an established IT company specialising in IT Support & Solutions for businesses throughout Wales. We were appointed by Telemat to raise awareness of its brand by creating thought provoking marketing material directed at their target audience.

We worked closely with the operations manager and systems executive at Telemat in the work of  preparing articles in order to check all technical details.



  • Prepared case studies, press releases and promotional leaflets aimed at Telemat’s target audience.
  • Designed eye catching full page newspaper adverts
  • Developed media contacts list


Skills used:

  • Target audience identification
  • Message generation
  • Copywriting
  • Case study marketing
  • Advertorials creation and design
  • Photography
  • Translation
  • Graphic design for marketing literature


Testimonial for from Clive Davies, Operations Manager Telemat

“We have found using case studies in our marketing campaign very beneficial.  Canta’s approach to clients is friendly and easy going.  This comes across in their articles as they simplify details in a way which people can understand. They also prepare copy and arrange photography for our promotional leaflets, advertorials and Press Releases on our behalf”