Canta Create

Typical Package:

  • 5 days worth of marketing specialty to create a bespoke marketing plan tailored for your business
  • Integrated marketing strategy & communications
  • Customer profiling
  • Competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Market trends
  • Message generation
  • Development of ideas
  • Access to marketing knowledge via phone or email
  • Online access to a range of marketing resources.

Ideal for ….

Companies that want a bespoke marketing plan that will outline key marketing activities they can undertake to remain competitive.

This package will identify your current and potential customers and pinpoint trends in your market.

In-depth research will be conducted to recognise internal and external factors that may affect your business.

Information collected will provide the basis of your marketing message outlined in your marketing plan.

Your bespoke marketing plan will also outline the most appropriate marketing activities that will ensure your message is received by your target audience.

Canta Connect

Typical Package:

  • All the benefits of Canta Create plus………
  • 12 days personal Marketing expertise to carry out the marketing recommendations
  • Close monitoring of marketing campaign

Ideal for ....

Companies that want additional marketing knowledge and expertise to help them implement key marketing strategies.

This package provides access to your personal marketing mentor who will effectively help your business improve its communication with current and potential clients.

With Canta Connect you have up to 12 days of marketing excellence. Canta will provide your business with a range of marketing expertise to improve your existing marketing capabilities. As a company you’ll be able to choose from a range of marketing solutions that best suits your needs to create an innovative marketing campaign.

Your designated marketing mentor will help you implement key recommendations outlined in the marketing plan, through tailored support, that looks at key areas of interest to you and your business, helping you spot the trends that are of most important to you.


Canta can work with your existing marketing department or become your own fully functioning marketing department.

Canta Campaign

Typical Package:

  • All the benefits of Canta Create plus………..
  • 24 days personal marketing expertise to carry out additional internal and external marketing
  • Close monitoring of marketing campaign

Ideal for ....

Companies that want Canta to fully manage their marketing campaign – From strategy to implementation to analysis.

This package provides extensive access to your own personal marketing mentor who will guide you through the marketing process to achieve your aims and objectives stemming from your personal marketing plan.

With Canta Campaign you have up to 24 days of marketing excellence. It is up to you how you spend the 10 days – either through a ‘one off’ marketing campaign e.g. launching a new brand, raising awareness of an existing brand, target new customers or through management of marketing activities over a  period of time.

Canta will project manage every stage of your marketing strategy, providing your business with a wide range of marketing capabilities that can be used to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Your personal marketing mentor will look at factors affecting your business –  internal and external – to see how you can improve your current operations, providing the right tools needed to implement the marketing strategy.

The aim is to provide your business with the capabilities needed to create a fully functioning marketing campaign that will answer your aims and objectives.